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Tips To Protect Your Legal Case Following A Truck Accident

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Did you recently get hit by a large commercial truck? If so, it's possible your vehicle suffered significant damage and perhaps you or your family suffered injuries as well. It may be possible to seek justice through the civil court system following a truck accident but you will have to play your cards just right if you want to come out victorious. Here are some tips to keep in mind following an accident with a commercial truck in order to protect your legal case.

Don't Delay Medical Aid

If you suffered any injury at all as a result of the wreck, you need to make seeking medical attention your top priority. Legal retribution to make you whole again will come in time but your health must be at the top of your mind in a situation like this. Beyond this just being the smart move for your body, it's also the right choice from a legal standpoint. If you don't seek medical aid for an injury soon after the accident but then try to ask for money for pain and suffering, the other side may claim that you were not that seriously injured because medical attention was not immediately necessary.

Always Get a Police Report

No matter how obvious you think this case might be as far as who is to blame, it's likely the truck driver or truck company will have their own version of events to try and reduce liability. For best results, always contact the police after an accident. Ask for a full police report to be filed. Don't just exchange information with the truck driver and move on. A police report provides an official account of what happened from another observer besides you and the truck driver and that could be critical in court.

Take Photos and Find Witnesses

If you are physically able to, document any damage to your car as soon as you can. Also, take photos of the truck if possible, and the direction the truck was driving as well as any traffic lights or signs or street names that might be applicable to this situation. If you can't do this yourself after the accident, return as soon as possible to get this information. If there is a witness to the accident, tell the police when they show up and try to get a statement of what happened from another individual to be put on the record.

Hire a Truck Accident Injury Attorney

Trucking companies typically have high-powered attorneys who will fight tooth and nail to protect their clients. You are going to need an attorney of your own if you want to get a settlement or judgment against the trucking company or the truck driver. Contact a local truck accident injury attorney as soon as possible and let them do the talking for you.