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How SSDI Back Pay Is More Than A Financial Perk

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Those applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) may be entitled to something known as back pay. The monetary benefit can be paid to approved SSDI applicants in a single lump sum. While this money is certainly welcome, that is far from the only good thing about back pay. Read on and find out more.

Back Pay is Delayed Benefits

It can take a long time to be approved for SSDI benefits. In the meantime, your monthly benefit is accruing. At the time you stopped working because of your accident (or when your disability began, in some instances), your benefit payment is set aside for you while you go through the application process. That money is then paid to you, all at once, right after your benefits are approved.

What Else to Know About Your Back Pay

It's not easy to be approved for SSDI. To be paid back pay, though, you must first be approved. That presents a problem but the Social Security Administration (SSA) and qualified lawyers have come up with an idea to help SSDI applicants. Since many applicants need help with their case, the SSA allows applicants to enter into an agreement with a Social Security lawyer that involves back pay.

The Back Pay Contingency Plan

Paying a lawyer using a contingency plan is not new. Many other sectors of law use contingency fee agreements such as personal injury and workers' compensation law. With a contingency fee plan, the lawyer only gets paid for their work on your case if you win SSDI benefits. That means your lawyer will work on getting you benefits and then they will be paid after you are approved. If you don't get approved for SSDI, the lawyer is not paid anything.

Claimants agree to use a certain portion of their back pay as payment for the lawyer's work. Lawyers are limited in the total amount of money and the percentage fee they may charge. Every agreement must be approved by the SSA before things can move forward. Once the benefits are approved, the money to pay the lawyer is automatically deducted from the back pay.

Why Have Legal Help?

Social Security lawyers understand Social Security law and the complexities of being approved for benefits. Many claimants come to Social Security lawyers when their applications for benefits are denied. Lawyers practicing Social Security law know what the SSA is looking for in terms of medical evidence. They can stand by your side at your appeal hearing and argue on your behalf for the benefits you need.

To learn more, contact a disability claims attorney in your area.