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Were You Involved In A Bus Accident? Here's Who To Hold Liable

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Buses are large, and they carry more passengers than a regular vehicle. They also gain a high momentum when speeding and have the potential to cause substantial damages when involved in an accident. So, if you get hit by a bus, it will be hard to determine whom to sue for your injuries and damages. However, the process gets easier when you hire an auto accident injury lawyer to help you uncover all liable parties. Here are some people you could hold accountable for the accident.

Suing the Municipality for Charter Bus Accidents

Your town's municipal council should manage the public transportation system within its jurisdiction. So, unless the government uses a private contractor, you can hold it responsible for any injuries sustained during transit. However, if this is the case, you must work under tighter time constraints. In some states, you may have a few months to file a claim. Further, you have a limited timeframe to launch a suit against the government if your claim is denied.

Pursuing the Bus Manufacturer or Assembly Company

If you were riding a bus and another motorist caused the accident, you can sue for third-party liability. That said, holding a large corporation financially responsible is difficult, so it is best to talk to a lawyer before moving forward. Note that they can offer invaluable advice and guidance to help with your individual or class lawsuit.

Dealing with a Negligent Motorist

Sometimes, you might get involved in an accident as a bus passenger. However, if the accident wasn't the fault of your bus, its manager, or the manufacturer, you could hold other motorists liable. For example, if the other driver was at fault, you should seek compensation from their insurance provider if your injuries qualify as an impairment of physical function. That said, these claims are often challenging, and hiring a lawyer can simplify the process.

Suing a Transportation Company

If the bus driver caused the accident, their employer company should pay for the losses. In most cases, if a worker does something illegal as they perform their job, the company is always held responsible. Hence, your lawyer can help determine liability and pursue the payment you deserve for your losses.

Hiring an auto accident injury lawyer should be your first step in dealing with a bus accident. They will assess the facts surrounding the accident and list all the liable parties. After that, they can decide who to pursue and create a winning strategy. 

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