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What A Criminal Defense Investigator Can Do For You

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Being involved in a criminal investigation can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression — whether you are being detained in jail or not. You have probably contacted a defense lawyer, and they may have an investigator that works for them, but it may be smart for you to hire your own criminal defense investigator too. This is especially true if there seems to be a lot of evidence pointing at your guilt. Here are just a few reasons it is important to have an investigator working to help clear your name.

Another Set of Eyes

The police department will have police officers, forensic scientists, and investigators all working on the case. All of these people will take different aspects of the case and look at all the evidence. The more people you have working for you, the better. In addition, each person working your case, for you, will view things in their own way. They will be able to talk over different ideas and see each piece of evidence differently. This can go a long way in showing there may be some doubts about things.

Question the Arrest

An investigator will not only look over the evidence but the arrest process. They may find a problem with the search procedure when you were first arrested. There are specific rules and procedures regarding making an arrest. If any of these rules have not been followed, you must be freed and the case will be declared a mistrial.

Discredit the Evidence

An investigator works to discredit any evidence the state may have against you. This could include proving a witness is making things up, the physical evidence was not handled properly, or there was a problem with a piece of equipment used to gather evidence. Keep in mind that it is the state's job to prove your guilt. Anything that discredits the evidence diminishes that proof.

Act as a Witness

The prosecutor will have witnesses lined up to provide evidence against you. They will not call anyone who claims you are innocent. Your investigator will find witnesses that can defend you. In addition, because they have done a lot of investigating into the case, they can act as a witness on your behalf as well.

Anytime you are held or even just accused of a crime you need to have a whole team working for you. The state has many different teams and people trying to prove your guilt. A criminal defense investigator is there to disprove everything they have.

For help with your case, contact a criminal defense investigator in your area.