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3 Situations That Call For The Intervention Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

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A criminal offense charge can ruin your life forever. For that reason, it is easy to feel scared and overwhelmed when law enforcers link you with criminal activities. Usually, the police will start the investigations soon after the arrest. As such, it would be prudent to engage a criminal defense lawyer before the case goes too far. The services of an attorney will be of great value in the following situations.

You Never Committed a Crime 

Being associated with a crime can damage your reputation even if you won't end up in jail. For instance, it may tarnish your business reputation. Therefore, you have to put up a spirited fight to clear your name if you believe you are innocent. But proving innocence might be challenging because the prosecuting attorney will likely build a strong case against you. 

For this reason, you must challenge the evidence presented by the prosecutor by every means possible. An attorney's expertise is invaluable in this case since they understand how to counter the prosecutor's evidence. 

The Police Plan to Interrogate You

The police will probably come for you at your home or workplace without notice if they suspect you are guilty. Typically, they will first notify you about your rights before requesting you to accompany them to the police station for questioning. An interrogation enables the investigators to obtain as much information as possible to link you with the crime. In that regard, they may confuse you during questioning so as to push you into giving implicating information. 

The best way to avoid such as scenario is by letting your lawyer be present during interrogation. They will guide you in answering the questions, ensuring that you don't share any incriminating information. Furthermore, your lawyer will protect you against harassment or intimidation during interrogation.

You Are Facing Your First Criminal Offense

Being associated with criminal activities could make your name appear on the state's criminal records, which could affect your career. Besides, it can make you pay more for your insurance premiums. Usually, the prosecuting attorney recommends tough penalties for first-time offenders to discourage repeat crimes. So even if you're facing a first criminal offense, you must put your best defense forward. The best way to achieve this is by working with a criminal defense attorney. 

Typically, the prosecutor will do everything possible to link you to criminal activities even if you are not guilty. Luckily, you can counter their efforts by working with a criminal defense attorney. They will help you build a strong defense and prove your innocence.