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What to Expect When Meeting Your Medical Malpractice Attorney

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If you have a medical malpractice case, the first thing to do is seek legal representation from a lawyer. They will ensure you get the best possible outcome. Although your lawyer will probably be pleased to finally meet you and discuss the details of your case, you should ensure you are well-prepared for the consultation. 

If you aren't a talkative person, you'll have to be for the sake of your initial consultation. Your lawyer will want to investigate your claim, so they will want all the details you can give. In a bid to build a compelling case, the lawyer will ask you to lay out several items. This article attempts to explain some of the things you should expect during your first meeting with your medical practice lawyer.

Listing Healthcare Providers

If you are a medical practice plaintiff, you most likely have seen several health care providers. These could be anything from hospitals to therapists to diagnostic test centers. To ensure there are zero errors in your case, your medical malpractice lawyer will have to request medical records from every health care provider that has treated you. Making a list of them would be helpful.

Summarizing Your Medical Treatment

When it comes to this, you do not need to write a lengthy essay. You just need to summarize the main points of your treatment in a few pages. In those pages, make sure you capture the following:

  • The moment your condition surfaced
  • The medical professional you went to for treatment
  • Events that transpired afterward
  • What you think was done wrongly during your treatment
  • What you did in an attempt to solve the problem

Gathering Relevant Evidence

Without strong evidence, your case doesn't stand a chance. Therefore, you will need to produce any medical records from doctors, medical bills, photographic evidence of your condition, and details of your health insurer. You could also provide proof of lost earnings by showing your pay stubs or tax records.

Listing Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

If it is your first time engaging the services of a medical malpractice lawyer, it isn't uncommon to have a ton of questions for them. The good news is that your lawyer will answer all your questions and offer clarifications when necessary. Here are some of the questions you could ask them:

  • How many similar cases have you handled?
  • Do you specialize in medical malpractice?
  • For how many years have you been handling medical malpractice cases?
  • How many medical malpractice lawsuits have you tried?
  • Have you won any of the trials?

At the end of the day, you will have to determine whether the lawyer checks all your boxes. If they don't, you can always find another.