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How Long Will It Take To Settle A Car Accident Case?

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Were you involved in a car accident a few weeks ago and are now trying to pick up the pieces? If so, one question you might have is how long it will take to settle the case. After the accident occurs, you might have injuries to your body and damages to your car. You might not be able to work for a while, and you might also face many other challenges. If you are in this position, here is a guide to help you know how long it might take to settle your car accident case.

It Varies by Case

First, it is essential to know that every case is different. Every case has different facts, information, and issues. Therefore, it takes different amounts of time for each one. Some car accident cases reach settlements within weeks of the incident dates, while others might take years. Your car accident lawyer can help you understand an approximate time frame for your case if you ask them.

The Top Factors that Affect the Timing

It is difficult to predict the timing of a case because the factors of the case affect the time it takes to settle it. The first factor that affects this is the severity of the case. An accident that results in minor injuries will settle faster than a case involving major injuries.

Second, the time it takes depends on how you settle. If your lawyer can reach a deal with the other party that you are content with, you can settle a lot faster than if the two parties keep fighting over the settlement amount. Additionally, you will settle the case faster if you reach an agreement outside of court rather than going to court.

Ways to Speed It Up

There might be ways to speed up the settlement of a car accident, but you might have to sacrifice the settlement amount to achieve it faster. For example, you can settle faster by lowering the amount you would like to receive from the settlement. You can also settle faster by avoiding court. You can ask your car accident lawyer to help you find other ways, too.

As you can see, it is hard to predict how long it will take to settle your case. If you have questions about the timing of settling your case or anything else related to it, talk to a car accident lawyer in your city.