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What Kinds Of Damages Can You Claim After A Car Accident?

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When you have been in a car accident, the aftermath can have long-reaching effects on your life. It could mean that your car needs extensive repairs or you might need to buy a new one. It could also mean months in a hospital or rehabilitation. If the other driver was at fault for the accident, you could receive damages to help offset any payments you need to make.

What kinds of damages can you claim after a car accident? Here are just a few examples.

Physical Damages

Physical damages cover a wide range of items. They can include damage to your car or other property and they include damage to your body or any passengers you had in the vehicle with you. If another driver lost control of their car because of speed or reckless driving, or perhaps they were drunk and caused serious damage to your car or caused serious injuries to you or to anyone in the car, you could receive damages.

Property damage can also cover items like a laptop that might be destroyed, music players, electronic games or any other personal item that you have in the car at the time of the accident. It is possible to get damages paid to you for the loss of these items among others.

Other physical damages include actual injuries you or your passengers suffered in the accident. Damages can include any expenses such as doctor's visits and hospital stays, surgeries, tests, physical therapy, and medication. It can also cover the cost of the ambulance.

Other Types Of Damages

It's not just physical damages that you can receive from a court case either. There are other types of damages that you can claim as well. For example, If you can't return to work for some time or perhaps you become disabled and can no longer work, you can file a claim for damages to that effect.

If the accident was severe enough, it's possible that you could suffer from emotional stress on top of your physical pain. You might experience PTSD or severe anxiety as a direct result of the accident which could prevent you from working or living a full life.

It is possible to become depressed as a result of the accident. If it takes a long time to recover, or the likelihood of your full recovery is remote, you might suffer from depression. This can take a toll on your work life as well as your personal one. You may need to attend therapy and this could be included in your claim.

Talk to a car accident attorney to learn more.