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Court Reporter Etiquette Tips For Conference Room Use

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The conference room is one of the most important work environments for a court reporter. Conference room etiquette is an important part of your business, as you will perform much of your work in this environment. Here are some etiquette tips to keep in mind as a court reporter.

Clear the Conference Room

One great thing you can do is make every effort to keep the conference room clean and clear of clutter, so everything is ready for the next meeting. The room needs to be ready to go at any point in time. Pick up any cups left behind, extra papers, and anything else you see that is not of importance. You may want to request the cleaning service come in and wipe off the tables and run the vacuum across the floor.

Be Mindful When Booking the Conference Room

If you know you will need to conduct business in the conference room, book the room early. If you do not do so, you may not get the room you prefer. You should also make any cancellations as soon as you know of them, so the room is open for others to use.

Make Your Time Schedule Thoughtfully

When you schedule a meeting, be sure you book enough time, so no one feels rushed or infringed upon. Also, do not go over your time to avoid running over into another meeting scheduled after yours. As soon as your time ends, be sure you are out of the room so that the next meeting can begin on time.

Be Flexible

Try to be flexible when possible. If you have the larger conference room booked and your group would reasonably fit into a smaller room, be open to moving if another meeting requires a larger space. This is not only good etiquette but puts you in a good position with the management. You never know when you will have your own emergency meeting and need a larger room at the last minute.

Avoid Conflicts

If there is ever a conflict, take it to the proper management. Do not try to deal with conflicts on your own. The management staff will implement the proper procedures necessary to enforce rules and adhere to policies. It is unprofessional to get into a skirmish at work, so direct your concerns to those with the credence to handle it.

Do Not Assume

One thing you never want to do is assume a room is available just because there is nothing on the schedule. You never know why the room was left open. It may be set aside as an emergency meeting room. Do not simply take over a room simply because you think it is available.

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