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3 Things To Know About Paying A Workers Compensation Lawyer

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If you're dealing with workers compensation and are having a hard time getting the benefits that are owed to you, then you might have thought about calling one of the workers compensation lawyers in your area. You might be a bit nervous about payment-related matters, though. These are a few simple things that you'll want to know about paying a workers compensation lawyer.

1. You Don't Usually Have to Do it Up-Front

When working with some lawyers for help with legal matters, such as if you hire a lawyer to help you get a speeding ticket reduced, it's usually expected for you to pay the lawyer before he or she offers services. With workers compensation lawyers, though, it's usually handled differently. Instead of paying everything up-front, you usually won't have to come out of your own pocket at all. Instead, you'll be able to wait to settle things up with your lawyer until after you have gotten paid yourself, such as in the form of a workers compensation settlement.

2. It Probably Won't Be Based Off of Hourly Work

You may have heard about lawyers getting paid by the hour. At some firms and for some types of lawyers, this is the case. It's usually not how lawyers bill their clients for workers compensation cases, though. Instead of charging an hourly rate, most workers compensation lawyers charge a percentage. What this means is that if you get a settlement from your employer's workers compensation insurance company, then your lawyer will be paid a percentage of that settlement amount. Depending on your settlement amount, this may add up to a higher amount for your lawyer than if you were to pay hourly. However, lawyers are encouraged to fight for higher settlement amounts when they are going to be getting a piece of the pie, so you'll probably get more, too.

3. You May Not Have to Pay at All

If you're unsure of whether or not you're going to win your case, you might be nervous about hiring a workers compensation lawyer. After all, you might be thinking about hiring one of these lawyers because you are having trouble getting by after your work accident, and you don't want to make things even worse for yourself by racking up expensive legal bills that you will have to pay yourself if you don't win your case. The good news is that with many workers compensation lawyers, you don't have to pay at all if you don't win your case. Go to site for more information.