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If You Were Unknowingly Drugged, You May Have A Defense For These Automotive-Related Charges

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Whether you're out with friends, having a date with someone new, or at a work function, there's a possibility that you could find yourself drugged. Predatory individuals often place drugs in peoples' drinks or food, and although the chance of this happening to you is small, it's nonetheless something that could take place. 

Being drugged can lead to a variety of undesirable consequences, including being stopped by police while you're driving home. After you've been drugged, you may commit some traffic-related infractions, but the fact that you were drugged could be a defense. Here are some charges that your attorney may be able to get dropped in this situation.

Hit And Run

A hit and run collision is a serious offense that can mar your driving record, require you to pay a fine, and perhaps even lead to a short-term suspension of your license. However, if you committed this infraction after you were drugged, it's possible that you were unaware of your actions. For example, you might have backed into another vehicle in the parking lot, but because you were drugged, you weren't privy to this. This doesn't lessen the seriousness of the collision, but it could be a defense that your attorney argues in order to get the charges dropped.

Reckless Driving

Police officers often pull motorists over for reckless driving, which is an umbrella term that can cover a wide range of infractions. Swerving out of your lane repeatedly and perhaps bouncing off the curb at the edge of the road. If you've been drugged, your spatial awareness will often be diminished, and this may make it difficult for you to maintain your lane. Your attorney may be able to successfully get reckless driving charges dropped upon proving you were victimized.

Failing To Stop

If you drive through an intersection without first stopping at a stop sign or waiting for a red light to turn green, you'll often see a police officer's blue lights in your mirror — and soon find yourself holding a ticket for failing to stop at an intersection. If you were driving after being unknowingly drugged, your judgment may have been or off you may have had trouble gauging the position of the stop line and driven straight through it. Driving after being drugged is dangerous, and you should never get behind the wheel if you feel that you don't have all of your faculties — even if you're unsure why.

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