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How To Get Out Of Jail Without Paying Bail

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If you have a close friend who was just arrested and jailed for a crime, you will probably want to call the jail to find out what the bail amount is. If your friend does not have the financial means to pay this, and if you want to avoid paying it yourself, you may want to look into a release on recognizance (ROR).

What is an ROR?

An ROR is something a person can use to get out of jail without paying bail. Normally after a person is arrested and placed in jail, the person will appear in court before a judge. This is called an arraignment hearing. At this hearing, the judge will set an amount for the bail. If the person can pay it, he or she can get released from jail. If the person does not have the money to pay it or believes that he or she should not have to pay bail to get released, the person can request an ROR.

If the judge approved this, the person will immediately be released from jail and can go on with his or her life. In return for an ROR, the person must agree to attend all court dates that are set in relation to the crime in question. The person may also need to agree to other things, such as not leaving the state or completing certain classes.

How can you help your friend get an ROR?

If you want to help your friend get an ROR, you should make sure he or she knows that this is an option; and if possible, your friend should hire a good criminal lawyer. Your friend will then need to ask the judge at the arraignment trial for this. Keep in mind, judges will only approve RORs in certain situations. Your friend will need to understand what these are so he or she can use these factors to build his or her case. Here are some of the factors the judge will use as he or she determines whether to approve this request:

  • The nature of the crime – If the crime was not a felony crime, the judge might be more willing to approve an ROR.
  • The person's criminal history – If your friend has no criminal history at all, this factor might be helpful in persuading the judge to agree to the ROR.
  • The person's family and job – When a judge sees that a person is responsible, holds a steady job, and supports his or her family, the judge might be more inclined to agree to this request.

Getting out of jail with an ROR can be complicated, especially if a person tries to handle it alone. Hiring a criminal lawyer might be the best route to take in this situation, and you can learn more about this subject by contacting a lawyer today.

If ROR isn't an option, look into bail bonds here or do an online search.