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Keeping Your Children Safe: 3 Things A Private Investigator Can Look For In Custody Arrangements

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One of the most contentious issues that spouses argue and debate over during the divorce proceedings involves custody arrangements for the children. Approximately 23 million American children currently reside in single-parent households, which shows just how prevalent custody issues can be. If you have suspicions regarding how safe your children are when they are with your ex-spouse, you can rely on private investigators to get to the bottom of how well the children are being treated. Here are 3 things that you can ask a private investigator to look into.

Poor Parenting Behavior

If your ex-spouse was always the irresponsible kind, you might be concerned about his or her ability to parent the children when they have custody. A private investigator will be able to look into poor parenting behavior or examples. For example, the private investigator may follow your ex-spouse and document instances when he or she may have forgotten to pick up the children from school or left the children unsupervised while off doing something else.

The private investigator may also look further into other aspects of your ex-spouse's life. For example, the investigator might document any instances when he or she caught your ex-spouse driving while intoxicated or allowed the children to sit in the car without wearing seatbelts.

Unseemly Associates

Whether your ex-spouse has good parenting skills is not the only trait that you should be concerned about. You should also be concerned about the type of company that your ex-spouse keeps when the children are over, as the children might pick up poor habits from these people.

The private investigator will look into the credentials and history of other people that your ex-spouse may be having around your children. A private investigator will be able to determine whether these associates have a criminal history or other run-ins with the law.

Violations of Custody Arrangement

Some parents have specific agreements outlined in the custody arrangements. This may include raising the children within a certain religion amongst other factors. If there are any provisions in the custody arrangement that is particularly important to you, let the private investigator know, and he or she will be able to determine whether the agreement has been kept.

Violations will be recorded by video. You can take the evidence to court in order to demand changes in the arrangement of custody.


A private investigator will either confirm your worst fears or give you the peace of mind you need. In the event that there are any violations or issues noted during the investigation, the private investigator will collect all of the evidence you need legally to present in court. This way, you'll have all the proof you need to request for either sole custody or necessary changes to the current custody arrangement.

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