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3 Ways To End Your Marriage

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The challenges of being married can simply prove to be too many for some couples. Studies show that 45%-50% of first marriages do end in divorce. This rate increases significantly with second and third marriages, as well. If you're in this unfortunate relationship predicament, you will want to know the various legal methods for divorcing.

Uncontested Divorce

If both of the spouses agree the marriage should end, the uncontested divorce is the simplest one to choose. The benefits of selecting this divorce type include fewer legal fees and a quicker end to the marriage. Additionally, you may not have to go to court, and your divorce can be kept a private matter rather than a public one.

Contested Divorce

One of the most challenging ways to end your marriage may be the contested divorce. However, if one of the spouses wants to divorce and the other doesn't, this method of ending the marriage is usually selected. The average cost of a contested divorce is $15,000-$30,000.

Listed below are some of the other disadvantages of a contested divorce:

1.    Property division – Many couples have a legal battle when it comes to dividing the property between each other when this divorce type is selected.

2.    Takes longer – The complexity of a contested divorce will translate to a slower resolution in most cases.

3.    Public – Going to court will mean your divorce is made a public record, and others will easily be able to see the precise date your marriage ended.

At-Fault Divorce

In many cases, one of the spouses is solely to blame for the end of the marriage. This will allow for an at-fault divorce to be chosen, and listed below are situations when this is possible:

1.    Adultery – If either of the spouses has engaged in sexual intimacy with another individual outside of the marriage, this could be a reason to select an at-fault divorce.

2.    Incarceration – Being sentenced to prison time can be a strain on any marriage, and this may cause the marriage to end.

3.    Abuse – Dealing with physical abuse can be a real challenge, and if this occurs, this type of divorce is typically selected.

Knowing the different types of divorce to choose can be helpful to any couples who are in this situation. Be sure to rely on the expertise of family law professionals like The Law Offices of Paul F. Moore II who can guide you through this legal process with greater ease.