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Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Attorney When You Apply For Social Security Disability

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The process of filing for Social Security disability can be a confusing process, and for those who are already sick or injured, it can be both exhausting and intimidating. You may be considering filing for benefits without the help of an attorney, but before you make that decision, read below for the top 5 reasons why legal representation would be helpful.

1.  You won't miss important deadlines. You only have 60 days to appeal your initial disability claims denial, and missing that deadline means starting all over again with the long and cumbersome application process. The only allowed exceptions to missing the filing deadline are cases of serious illness requiring hospitalization or other major and life-altering issues.

2.  Your medical evidence will be up to date and complete. No single piece of proof of your disability is more vital than an accurate medical treatment record. Your disability and its treatment are on-going, and the procurement of the correct record in a timely manner is a task for an experienced Social Security lawyer. According to, one area of trouble that people run into is having a doctor that is nonchalant about the claim. If this is the case, your lawyer can help you find a doctor who will be more willing to fill out a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) Form, which can act as extremely weighty evidence.

3.  You will have a better chance for a successful hearing. Local attorneys know local judges and this knowledge can be invaluable. Your attorney will have a complete understanding of what a particular judge needs to know and how he or she needs to hear it. Being familiar with how a judge likes to run his or her court will help ensure that instead of irritating the judge, you can instead allow your medical evidence to convince the judge to rule in your favor.

4.  You can go in to your hearing prepared and relaxed, knowing that your attorney has done everything possible to prepare you to properly communicate the impact that your disability has had on your ability to work. Because many cases are denied on the first try, says that a lot of people go into their second hearing unprepared because they were discouraged. But it's not enough to have a disability, you need to be able to demonstrate the effect that your disability has had on your life in a convincing manner. 

5.  You are 63.3% more likely to be awarded benefits at an appeal hearing simply by having an attorney represent you. Without legal representation, you percentage drops to 40.1%.

When it comes to a quality of life issue like Social Security disability, don't go it alone. You need proper legal representation during this stressful and difficult time. An experienced, local Social Security attorney will be able to successfully guide you through the confusing application process and be by your side during the hearing. Don't delay in getting an advocate to help you get the benefits you deserve.