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Ensuring Success in Family Court

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Regardless of the type of case you're dealing with, there are several things you need to do in order to ensure you have the greatest possible chance of success during any family court proceeding. While the best advice will come from a family law professional, you can start preparing long before any documents are filed, or retainers are paid. Different types of cases can have varying degrees of stress associated with them, but most cases being tried in a family court can benefit from certain precautions and preparations being undertaken.

Voluntary Home Visits

Nearly any case going before a family court judge can benefit from the input of an impartial third party, but that testimony is magnified a thousand fold if the party in question is a social worker for your home county. Contact your county's social services department to arrange a visit by a caseworker, and explain your situation. Whether you're pushing for custody of a biological child, working toward adoption of a foster child, or simply trying to show that your home is a stable and healthy environment for children already living with you, taking this step on your own shows a huge commitment.

Before scheduling a home visit, make sure that your house is clean, laundry is up-to-date, your kitchen is well-stocked and any children in your home are on a well-established routine. If you haven't already, make a point of touching base with any teachers so you can be fully up-to-date on how they're doing in school and what you can do to facilitate their success. If you'll be in family court regarding an elderly family member, make sure you're familiar with their physician and fully educated on any special needs they may have. Not all social workers look this closely, but the ones you want performing a home visit definitely will.

Retain the Right Lawyer

Family court cases can be some of the most stressful legal battles a person goes through, since so much of value is at stake. Unfortunately, not all cases are the same, so make sure the lawyer you retain is experienced with situations similar to your own. For example, a family law firm specializing in divorce and child custody won't be quite as helpful if you're fighting for custody of a disabled elderly parent.

Further, the statutes relating to foster parenting and adoption aren't quite the same as those that apply to custody of a biological child. There is a great deal more red tape to cut through when the parent in question doesn't have any biological ties to a child. Be aware as well that the court will have an obligation to the individual for whom custody is being disputed, not those in dispute over it. Rulings and findings will be determined based on their best interest, not yours.

If you're properly prepared for a family court case you stand a much better chance of succeeding, but in order to prepare you need to know where to start. Making the quality of the environment you're offering evident is the first step though, and the right lawyer, one like Borowiec & Borowiec PC Attorneys At Law, will be able to help positively reflect that in court.