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Tips For Protecting Yourself Against A DUI Charge

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If you are caught in a driving under the influence (DUI) case and need the help of a lawyer, you'll need some key defense strategies and tips that will see you through it. The defense strategies that you put together will help you to retain your freedom from a criminal charge and help you avoid some serious penalties that you can be hit with. Consider some of these tips, so that you are able to help arm yourself with information on the case and get the defense you need in court. 

#1: Hire A Defense Attorney That Is Credible And Experienced

You owe it to yourself to get the best lawyer that you can for your case, because you'll be at a tremendous disadvantage representing yourself or leaving it in the hands of a public defender. Consider some of the following info, so that you can pick the best law firm for the job:

  • Be certain that you hire an attorney who can handle the caseload, since you have a lot on the line and will need specific attention
  • Hire an attorney that is skilled enough to find plea bargains. Many DUI cases are settled outside of court in the form of a "wet reckless" offense 
  • Speak to your state bar association for recommendations and an idea of the attorney's history and record with these sorts of cases

​#2: Understand The Penalties In Your State

Most areas of the country adhere to a .08 percent blood alcohol content law, but each state has its own set of penalties to punish DUI offenders. For example, in the state of Arizona, you have to spend at least a night in jail if it is your first offense. On your third offense, you must spend at least 4 months in jail. Conversely, in the state of Tennessee, you'll spend at least 2 days in jail on your first offense and 150 days in jail on your third offense. Knowing the penalties of the state you are in will help you plan out your case and know what you can expect out of it. 

#3: Know The Cost Of A DUI Lawyer

Since you'll need to hire an attorney for your DUI case, it pays to understand the price you'll pay. You can expect to pay upwards of $2,000 for an attorney. After court costs, this might get up to $5,000. You'll want to make sure that you shop around for your defense lawyer, and get all of their fees in writing to make sure that you get the help from an attorney that you can afford. 

Take advantage of these three tips, so that you understand what is needed to defend your DUI offense. For more information on fighting your case, go to