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What Are The Laws For Riding A Motorcycle On Public Roads In Kentucky?

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With the warm weather seasons finally arriving, it is very likely that more motorcycles will be seen out on public roads. Just like automobile motorists, motorcycle riders have certain laws they must abide by. These laws can vary somewhat between different states, but all are devised with the safety of all motorists in mind. These are some of the laws that motorcycle riders must follow in the state of Kentucky.

Operation Requirements 

In order to legally ride a motorcycle in the state of Kentucky, a valid motorcycle license must be obtained. Before obtaining the license, the motorist must hold an instruction permit to operate a motorcycle before ever riding out on any public road in Kentucky. Those with an instruction permit are not allowed to have a passenger on the motorcycle with them.

After the operator has passed the test and obtained a valid motorcycle license, he and any passenger riding with him must wear protective eye wear and a protective helmet at all times while riding. Once the operator has held his license for one year and is over 21 years of age, the helmet is no longer required by law.

Motorcycle Requirements 

The motorcycle must also meet certain requirements before it can be operated on public roads. This decreases the likelihood of an accident occurring due to mechanical malfunctions. All motorcycles must have seats and footrests that are permanently attached to the motorcycle. 

Other equipment that is required to be working properly on a motorcycle include front and back breaks, a headlight with both high and low beams, a turn signal, a rearview mirror, a brake light, a tail light, a horn, a muffler and a tail pipe.

Other Requirements 

The state of Kentucky also requires that a motorcycle operator carry insurance on the vehicle. This has to be at least minimum liability insurance that covers other motorists in the event an accident were to occur. The operator must also provide proof that the motorcycle has been legally registered in the location the owner resides in.

To learn more about the proper way to operate a motorcycle on the open road and the laws that must be followed, Kentucky also offers a motorcycle safety education program. This is open to anyone who wants to obtain their motorcycle license or those who already have a license but wish to improve their knowledge of riding safely. If this program is completed, there will be no additional test required to obtain a motorcycle license. Amotorcycle accident attorney can better information you on local motorcycle laws.