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Recovering Damages From Truck Accidents Caused By Unsecured Loads

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The sheer size and weight of freight trucks is intimidating enough to other road users, let alone the possibility of unsecured cargo falling out of the truck and wreaking havoc on other motorists. Freight trucks usually carry heavy loads such as cars, logs and boulders which could cause untold damage and devastating injuries if they were to come loose.

Falling loads from the back of a truck can fly through the windshield of your car to deadly effect or cause your vehicle to swerve and lose control. If you have been a victim of a trucking accident involving unsecured loads, here is what you need to know about how to recover damages from the negligent parities.

Common causes of unsecured load accidents

The loading of heavy loads on tractor trailers or flatbed trucks must be managed very carefully, as loose loads can fall onto other motorists or even cause the truck itself to tip over and collide with other cars.

Most accidents resulting from unsecured loads result directly from spilling cargo or improperly balanced loads that shift the truck's center of gravity, making it tip over. Debris can also fall from trailer trucks if loads are not well covered, causing other cars to swerve and collide.

Due to the massive size of loads on heavy duty trailers, accidents caused by unsecured or improperly balanced loads are usually fatal. If you or your family member is involved in such an accident, you should hire an accident lawyer to follow up with the truck's insurer and ensure you get damages from the responsible parties.

Who is responsible for unsecured load trucking accidents?

Trucking companies are required by law to ensure their trucks are not overloaded and that all cargo is property secured, so in case of an accident, this party usually takes most of the blame. However, your accident lawyer can carry out further investigations to prove negligence on the part of the loading dock personnel, the loading company, the truck driver or even installers of truck beds or trailers.

To ensure that you get sufficient compensation to cover your injuries, accidental death, pain and suffering, disability or other losses, your trucking accident lawyer will try and go after all parties that contributed to the accident and push for maximum damages.

An accident lawyer with experience in unsecured load cases can help inspect the loads after the accident to prove negligence in load management and build a strong injury claim to ensure you get the damages you deserve from all at-fault parties.