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Why You Should Never Accept A Settlement Offer Without First Speaking To An Attorney

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Very often after an auto accident, insurance companies are quick to offer settlements to those involved. It can be tempting to accept this offer as the money may seem generous and it may be needed. However, it's always good to first speak with an auto accident attorney before you accept any settlement, to protect your rights and ensure you get the most money you deserve. Consider how and why this is.

1. You may face future medical bills for which you would then be liable

While you may have medical bills immediately after an auto accident, you may also face future bills for which you would be financially liable if you were to accept a settlement offer. Keep in mind that the symptom of some injuries takes weeks to appear if not even longer, so rather than assuming that you've received all the medical attention you'll ever need, speak to an attorney so you can ensure future bills will be covered by the insurance provider.

2. Your settlement offer may not be very generous at all

To you, a settlement offer may seem very generous but to an attorney, it may seem somewhat paltry. Remember that an auto accident attorney handles many cases every month and every year, so they are more familiar with the standard amounts for settlements and judgments when it comes to cases like yours. If an attorney were to say that your settlement offer is not on par with other offers and with judgments, you may want to hold out for more money from the insurance carrier.

3. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf

Even if your settlement offer is somewhat fair, an attorney, such as The Jaklitsch Law Group, can negotiate to get you every dollar you deserve. They know how to speak with insurance adjusters about your injuries and property damage, and sometimes just threatening to file a lawsuit can be enough to get you a better offer.

4. You may have claim against more people than you realize

When you've been hurt in a car accident, you may have the right to file a claim against the other driver as well as a number of other parties. For example, if a street sign was not as visible as it should have been, you may have a claim against the city. If the other driver was drunk, you may be able to sue the bartender who served him or her and the establishment at which they were drinking. Rather than accepting a settlement offer and assuming your case is done with, you would do well to speak to an attorney about all your rights in such a case.