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You May Be Able To Work While Disabled Under Some Circumstances

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Most workers do not want to be forced out of the workplace due to an injury. You would probably like to feel like you can be useful in some way and you don't want to live on a more limited income. However, when you are relying on long-term disability benefits, you might wonder if you will be able to return to work. You are able to do so under several circumstances.

Should I Return to Work?

You will want to give yourself plenty of time to heal before you consider going back to work. If you attempt to work before you're ready, your injury might end up becoming much worse. Also, if you are not able to fulfill your work obligations, you might also hurt everyone involved, including yourself.

Your doctor will be able to offer more insight into whether you'll be able to return to work under your current condition. You will also be able to discuss with your employer whether accommodations can be made. 

Can I Work Part-Time?

However, if you believe you are able to work part-time, you will be able to do so while also keeping your SSDI benefits. This is because you will only lose your SSDI benefits if you are receiving substantial gainful employment. However, you will always want to consult with a long-term disability attorney before you do so.

Will I Lose My Benefits?

You are also able to earn a higher wage for 9 months if you participate in the SSA's transition to work program. With this program, you will be allowed to work for a trial period and will continue to receive benefits. If you later find that you are not able to work, and the SSA agrees that you cannot work, you will continue to receive benefits.

Will Working Affect My Application?

If you have submitted an application, you might return to work before the application is approved due to how long the SSA takes to approve applications. If you were ultimately earning too much money, your disability claim might be denied. 

However, you may also receive benefits for the period of time where you were disabled. For example, you might be disabled and out of work for six months and then might begin working again. Your disability claim might then be approved and you may receive six months' worth of disability benefits. If you're not sure, it's important to consult with a long-term disability attorney so you can determine the best way to handle your case.